21 Mayıs 2009 Perşembe

Crying Baby,Tooth Eruption

Now we'll talk about the second hard period of a baby,teeth time!
When it is time to tell yourself that colic passed away,you and your baby has a new problem,tooth eruption.
Most of the babies get uneasy,picky and not very happy whatever you do.
How can you understand the eruption?
It can begin between 3rd month and 7th month.
If the baby salivate,fever and sleepless,most likely,it is tooth eruption.Also whatever they get in their hands,they take them to their mouths and try to scratch.
What can you do to help your baby?
You can give it something to scratch which are sold in every shape and color in the markets but mostly the babies prefer something they find at home and do not use the things you buy.
Cold things can be useful,decreases the pain,if these do not work,you can use something that the doctor gives,syrup or gel.
And another serious problem at this period is the the resistance of not to eat anything which makes the parents really worred.It seems like if it doesn't eat,it won't grow up,take it easy,it will grow,but at this time eating something is difficult for them.Don't be insistent but catch the time when your baby is good enough and try again,probably it will eat.
Unfortunately,until 2 years old it will go on and again sleepless nights.

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